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Company culture

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1. Business philosophy: integrity and diligence, pioneering and innovative, sustainable management
2. Business strategy: create value for customers, create benefits for employees, create benefits for shareholders, and take responsibility for society
3. Business objectives: to make a satisfactory price, to do satisfactory products, to do satisfactory services
4. Quality policy: human management, customer first, excellence, steady development
5. Enterprise core values: pragmatic and dedicated, united and collaborative, professional and efficient, innovative excellence
Pragmatic and dedication: honesty, mutual trust, and a responsible attitude towards their work and customers;
Unity and cooperation: mutual help, active cooperation, and create an excellent management team for common goals;
Professional and efficient: self-improvement, excellence, and ensure fast handling, delivery deadlines;
Innovation excellence: continuous learning, the pursuit of perfection;
6. Work style: integrity, passion, efficiency, knowledge and understanding
7. Selection criteria: Talent is the most valuable resource for the company and the basic guarantee for achieving the company's strategic goals.
Adhere to professional ethics, dedication and love;
Diligent and steady, and brave to innovate;
Excellent overall quality and continuous learning;
Passionate with work and loyal to the cause;