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Job Offers

Job Offers

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Quality QE Engineer:
Recruitment number: 2, male or female.
Job responsibilities: Responsible for the handling of external customer complaints, analysis of customer feedback, and implementation of tracking services.
Qualifications: Experience in capacitive touch screen factory, familiar with touch screen quality requirements, and strong sense of responsibility.

Process Engineer:
Recruitment number: 2, limited to men.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Determination and optimization of the process flow;
2. Follow-up analysis and improvement of abnormal product quality;
3. Production and revision of product operation instructions.
1. Familiar with yellow light, silk screen, laser technology, able to analyze and handle abnormalities independently
2, familiar with the production of process documents
3. Familiar with G+G/G+F/OGS

Quality IPQC
Recruitment number: 3, male or female.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Inspection, recording and exception handling follow-up work in the production process
2. Fill in the relevant inspection report according to the inspection record
Qualifications: Those who have work experience in the same industry and are familiar with touch screen quality requirements are preferred.