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Trends in smart wearable products

Trends in smart wearable products

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Hosted by China Electronic Information Industry Association, the “2015 China Internet + Innovation” conference hosted by Aowei Cloud Network (AVC) was held in Beijing. As the authoritative big data research institute, Aowei Cloud Network (AVC) first released the market research report “The Trend of Information Consumption, Smart Wearable Device Development Trend”, and Liu Wei, vice president of Avi Cloud (AVC), from capital to enterprise and The product side analyzes the current market development status and future development trend of smart wearable devices.
Capital market ripening smart wearable
At present, the wearable device industry chain includes: sensor technology providers, hardware suppliers, manufacturers, cloud service providers, Internet companies, etc.; smart wearable devices are ultimately a technology product integrating cloud technology and big data. It is highly favored by Internet companies and capital markets. Intelligent products such as smart bracelets, smart watches, smart ties, smart glasses, smart water bottles, smart rings, and smart underwear are emerging one after another.
Shun is a strong investment in Huami Technology, Guofuyuan Investment and Micro Sport, CITIC Capital United Network...
Market capitals such as various funds and angel investments are optimistic about the future “money” of smart wearable devices, and they have entered the field of smart wearable devices, which has undoubtedly accelerated and ripened the development of smart wearable devices.
Many participants have unlimited future prospects
According to the data monitoring of Avi Cloud (AVC), there are only 1.3 million smart wearable devices in 2012; there was an explosive increase from 2013 to 2014, and the market scale reached 9.2 million and 28.5 million respectively. 608% and 210%; increased to 48 million units in 2015, an increase of 77%; 2017 to 2018 entered a period of rapid growth, and sales are expected to reach 143.5 million units by 2018.